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Commonweal and Charity

Donation on Children’s Day – President Xu Haizhao donated for Luanchuan Shimiao Hope Primary School


With the approaching of the Children’s Day, Mr. Xu Haizhao, president of Beijing Tiandi Minsheng Investment Group and Minsheng Pharmaceutical Group and entrepreneur with registered residence in Luanchuan Shimiao, together with his staff comes to Longtan village in Shimiao town of Luanchuan county to donate for Minsheng Hope Primary School with deep love to his hometown, sending medicines clearing away heat and reducing internal heat produced by Minsheng Pharmaceutical, which include oral solutions clearing away heat and toxic materials, Balangen granules, dandelion tablets, totaling 30 or more boxes worth of RMB 50,000. They are warmly welcomed by major leaders from the town government, Longtan leadership and a total of 200 teachers and students from Minsheng Hope Primary School.
Longtan Minsheng Hope Primary School has received more than 300,000 yuan of donations from Mr. Xu Haizhao for improving the education and teaching conditions of this school ever since its founding in 2006, introduced by the major head of the village. In his speech to the donation ceremony, Mr. Xu said: no matter how far way he is from the hometown, he feel that it’s people in the hometown that are closest and scenery in the hometown that are the most beautiful. No matter where he is, he will pay attention to the education cause of his hometown, pay attention to the development of his hometown, and make one’s meager strength to support his hometown. Finally, he wished children in the school a happy “Children’s Day” and took group photos with the students and teachers.