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Henan Federation for Respecting and Helping the Senior established, Xu Haizhao of Minsheng Donates Generously

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In February 26, 2012, Henan province HelpAge respecting association was established in Zhengzhou. The provincial leadership of the old Ren Keli served as the first president, Zhang Deguang, Ma Xianzhang, Li Zhibin, Zhang Yixiang, Wu Quanzhi, Jia Lianchao, served as executive vice president. The will to "respect for the elderly, and love for the elderly, help" for the purpose, to carry out "HelpAge project" as the main content, is committed to promoting the culture of filial piety, to spread the concept of respect for the elderly, to carry out old love activities, development for the elderly and the cause, through social financing, project operation and management system, establish and improve the difficulties of retired cadres, helping mechanism, and strive for the old cadres to provide better service.



On the afternoon of the same day, the general assembly for the first donation ceremony held in the center of the province's veteran cadres. By the Provincial Standing Committee and executive vice governor Li Ke scene, the provincial Party committee, deputy secretary of the organization department minister Deng Kai speech.
Minsheng Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. donated 40000 yuan worth of drugs and 10000 yuan in cash. Chairman Xu Haizhao said: respect, love filial piety old, always the fine tradition of the Chinese nation, the courage to bear the social responsibility, the bounden duty of entrepreneurs; Minsheng pharmaceutical as a 90 years of pharmaceutical history of the old enterprises, social care, health care is obligatory. The donation is just the beginning, future people's livelihood in self-development at the same time, give more power and love to the society, for the benefit of people in the vanguard.





Later that day, Henan provincial Party Secretary, the provincial people's Congress Standing Committee Director Lu Zhangong, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, governor Guo Gengmao old cadre activity center in the province met with donated to the provincial HelpAge respecting always entrepreneurs. Lu Zhangong, on behalf of the provincial government to the establishment, homes for the elderly will congratulations, thanks to the donation, homes for the elderly always is the enterprise. Old cadre bureau of the CPC Central Committee Organization sent a congratulatory letter to the general assembly.

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