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Tiance Minsheng Hope Foundation

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On April 25, 2010, owned by Beijing enterprises in Henan Province Chamber of Commerce vice president Xu Haizhao Minsheng pharmaceutical, China and the United States biological engineering, Huludao molybdenum are industrial three company together in Beijing initiated the establishment of the Tiance people hope foundation.


The fund registered capital of 10000000 yuan, mainly for the development of cultural and social welfare and other public welfare undertakings, the disadvantaged groups and poor areas for the service and donor object. Funds will be divided into five groups by injection, the first batch of 200 million yuan has been put in place first donation to determine the Henan Luanchuan County Shi Miao Zhen middle school, Liaoning Xingcheng Cao Zhuang Zhen Shang Po Cun hope primary school in two projects, these two projects were obtained money donated 10 million yuan.
It is reported that the people's livelihood, Tiance Hope fund sponsor Xu Haizhao has been enthusiastic about public welfare, has repeatedly funded student xing. On March 26, 2010, he discuss with Mrs. Liang Yingmin ready to set up a foundation, the hope that more life circumstances poor children to help and care for it and create a better learning environment for the children.

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