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Sino-America Biotechnology Industry Park


The project was planned by R&D team headed by biological medicine expert Dr. George Siber (Harvard University). In July 2012, Tiandi Minsheng (Beijing) International Investment Co., Ltd. and Minsheng Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. co-funded to build a biological medicine modern manufacturing industry production base in Luoyang Songxian industry park cluster.
The project, with site area of 2300 mu and total investment of RMB 5 billion, is to be completed at three stages within 5 years. First-stage project, with total investment of RMB 1 billion, completes traditional Chinese medicine tablet production line, solid preparations, testing laboratory, construction of infrastructures such as road, fixed assets, water, electricity, gas and sewage disposal system of main production lines, which is expected to realize annual sales revenue of RMB 500 million and profit and tax of RMB 50 million. Second-stage and third-stage projects are to be completed within 3 years. The project targets at realizing the strategy of “1-City, 2-Base, 3-Park, 4-Drive”: “1-City”: a modern satellite city with the main body of building modern industry and the goal of containing 100,000 residents; 2-Base: build traditional Chinese medicine and bio-pharmacy modern manufacturing industry base and create national new rural construction model base; “3-Park”: industry park, healthcare park and cultural ecological park; 4-Drive: drive industrial structure adjustment and industrial upgrading, drive industrial tourism, drive ecological tourism and drive socialism new rural construction and farmers’ poverty alleviation.
Reshape ecological relationship between medical industry and man and nature, spread profound connotation of traditional Chinese medicine culture, historic culture of traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine celebrities, traditional Chinese medicine pharmacology and modern technology of traditional Chinese medicine, and establish a comprehensive traditional Chinese medicine city integrating process and production, healthcare, industrial tourism, ecological tourism, and new rural construction demonstration area.