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Ruian Pharmaceutical

Henan Ruian Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., a provincial large medicine wholesale enterprise, is located in No. 1718, Zijingshan South Road, Zhengzhou, and deals in wholesale and retail of Chinese patent medicine, Chinese herbal medicine, traditional Chinese medicine tablet, chemical medicine preparations, antibiotic, biochemical drug, biological product (except for vaccine), class-II psychoactive drug, external diagnostic reagent, protein anabolic preparations, peptide hormone drug, health food, disinfected product, class-I medical apparatus and instrument, cleaning daily chemicals and cosmetics.
Our business grows up throughout China rapidly. By the end of December 30, 2014, corporate businesses cover 31 provinces, cities and municipalities, except for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan: 1863 upstream enterprises (1111 wholesale enterprises and 752 manufacturing enterprises); 3921 downstream enterprises (1984 wholesale enterprises, 1113 retail enterprises and 815 medical institutions). Out of 815 medical institutions, there are 322 second-class hospitals or above, 152 health clinics in towns, and 341 clinics, medical rooms and community health centers.