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Sino-America Biotechnology

Sino-America Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (originated from Sino-America Biotechnology Company), founded in 1985, is China’s first hi-tech Sino-foreign joint venture in the bio-technology; national torch plan key hi-tech enterprise; national GMP certification enterprise; Henan-approved first-batch hi-tech enterprise; Henan-approved enterprise technology center; and location of Henan Green Life Sciences Institute. Moreover, the company has a post-doctoral scientific research workstation.
The company mainly produces and sells enzyme, reagent, instrument, external diagnostic reagent in the bio-science and the products developed by bioengineering technology.
Over the past years, the company has completed more than 30 state/provincial/municipal-level technical projects, which have realized commercialization and industrialization, and achieved good economic and social benefits. The company is domestically unique comprehensive bio-technology enterprise integrating bioengineering, genetic diagnosis, immunologic diagnosis and related technologies.
In 2009, Beijing Mudu International Investment Co., Ltd. wholly purchased Sino-America Biotechnology and Zhengzhou Production Base (Henan Sino-America Biotechnology Co., Ltd.). Beijing Mudu International Investment Co., Ltd. performed in-depth communication and exchange with internationally-famous medical doctor George Siber (who had acted as Chief Technical Officer of Vaccine and Senior Vice President in Wyeth), which sought for alliance between giants to bring in technical and R&D results, made use of historic role of Sino-America Biotechnology in the biology to push forward upgrading of bioindustry, shorten technical gap from international peers, and re-establish brand world of Sino-America Biotechnology.