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Talent Concept

Talent is the foundation for enterprise development, the driving force for enterprise progress, and even more the key to the success of an enterprise. Over the time, Minsheng Pharmaceutical Group has been adhering to implementing a talent strategy and upholding a tenet of “Talent First, Common Development”, has established a sound mechanism for talent introduction, adopted lots of personnel training measures and provided a broad development platform.
Talent Introduction Mechanism: Introduce talents through social recruitment, campus recruitment and other channels, select talents by adhering to high standards and strict requirements. They should not only be talented, but even should be virtuous.
Talent Training Mechanism: Build a comprehensive and multi-system talent training system. With cultural identity as the starting point and actual work as a platform, influence and train talents in daily work.
A Broad Development Platform: The enterprise is entering into the fast lane of rapid development; all its industries are marching forward neck and neck and the business is booming, which are the fruits of the implementation of the talent strategy, and therefore, lots of diverse opportunities of showing themselves are provided for talents and these opportunities help a large number of personnel to board on a broader arena.