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Chairman’s Speech

From Zhenyitang to rejuvenation of Minsheng Pharmaceutical, century dream of a national pharmaceutical enterprise is never interrupted. With the building of Central Plains Economic Region, the strategy of “Coordination of New-Type Industrialization, New-Type Urbanization and Agricultural Modernization & Scientific Development” winds the horn of Minsheng’s prosperity. To reappear Luoyang’s previous prosperity in Tang Dynasty and achieve grand blueprint of traditional Chinese medicine is glory mission of Minsheng Pharmaceutical in this age. Through years of resources integration and cooperation of international top-notch biological medicine team, Minsheng Pharmaceutical Group gives full display to its advantages in location, talents, matters and logistics. Industrial chain including R&D, production, marketing, logistics, cultural creativity, etc. performs integration and coexistence to achieve competitive development.
Henan province has vast fertile land and 1000-year-old imperial capital (Luoyang). Funiu Mountain and Xionger Mountain run through the west region of Henan province, with vast hinterland and great momentum, known as “three herbs in one step”, which creates a natural treasury of traditional Chinese medicine.
In the future, Traditional Chinese Medicine International Impression City in Jiugao Mountain, Songxian, Luoyang will bring in internationally advanced bio-technology, push national medicine towards the world, create a top-end medicine culture creativity industry park, and give a birth to AAAAA natural culture creativity scenic spot. Minsheng Pharmaceutical is to realize grand expectation of “Dream of China, Soul of Nation”, initiate new pattern of industrial transformation in the struggling spirit of Henan businessmen, and make great contribution to social development and human health.