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Minsheng Pharmaceutical Group was originated from a state key enterprise of Chinese patent medicine - Minsheng Pharmaceutical Factory founded in 1911, and was re-registered and re-built into a wholly-owned Minsheng Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. in September 2011. The Group is a comprehensive pharmaceutical industrial group integrating Chinese patent medicine, biological medicine, scientific research, medical treatment, production, sale, logistics, trading, e-commerce, etc.
Since its inception, with the mission of human health, the Group has been committed to creating full-industry-chain one-stop service platform of biological medicine and massive health industry. The Group has formed a new industrial pattern, which performs cross-industry transformation, upgrading and integration of full industry chain including production, R&D and manufacturing of biological medicine, medicine distribution, medical health, health care and old-age service, cultural creativity, etc., and boosts transformation and upgrading of traditional Chinese medicine, biological medicine and medical health.
Minsheng Pharmaceutical Group actively builds 5 massive health industry platforms: international strategic exchange platform of traditional Chinese medicine culture innovation, strategic cooperation platform of traditional Chinese medicine modern manufacturing industry, strategic cooperation platform of global medicine distribution resources, ecological strategic service platform of China medical health care and old-age service, and strategic service platform of China health financial ecosphere, explores business model and service mode, and reshapes massive health industry with internet+.
At present, the Group has more than 10 wholly-owned or holding subsidiaries, and more than 3300 employees (322 intermediate professional titles or above and 613 bachelor degrees or above). Moreover, the Group has built a postdoctoral workstation and a R&D team headed by American famous chief immunology scientist Dr. George Siber, and has more than 150 patents of invention and utility model.
Minsheng Pharmaceutical Group is to create Chinese patent medicine manufacturing base with advanced technology, leading equipment and huge scale based on Traditional Chinese Medicine International Impression City, with modern industry as guide, attract urban talents, technologies, capitals and rural labor forces, land resources to link with broad market, push rural area and city towards unitary structure pattern, build the Impression City into new-type urbanized model, and create the international impression of traditional Chinese medicine.
Advocate people’s livelihood, work persistently without weariness!
National, international, popular Minsheng Pharmaceutical Group is to push traditional Chinese medicine towards the world and make contribution to human health, with the help of such measures as cultural innovation, advanced technology, brand drive, international impression promotion, etc.